The Porch Swing by Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

The Porch Swing by Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

The porch swing - Each visit I had with Henry, except for only once because it was raining, was outside on the porch swing that hung from an old oak tree in the backyard of the home he lived in for 65 years. He called it a porch swing, even though it hung from the...

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Thanksgiving: Time for a Grateful Heart

Nearly 400 years ago, the pilgrims and the Wampanoag people shared a harvest celebration, the forerunner of today’s Thanksgiving holiday. The early pilgrims had to overcome many challenges in the New World. Their first year was rough, and about half of the original...

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5 Thoughts about Death for the Living

When a loved one dies, grieving family members are faced with dozens of decisions that need to be made quickly after the death. In their time of need, families find comfort in the expert, compassionate care of Legacy Funeral Chapels, located on Green Bay’s west side...

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One Thing You Don’t Want to Leave To Your Kids

How do you prepare for something that happens once every 12 years? That’s typically how often you can expect to be involved in funeral arrangements for a loved one. Planning a funeral every 12 years doesn’t allow you to become familiar with the process. “But we do it...

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Small Town Service: Nobody Does it Better

As residents of our respective "small towns" I think we often forget how valuable the “small town service” is that we have access to. In Gillett we have dental office that, in my mind, sits on the cutting edge of modern dentistry. We have a skilled and accomplished...

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Diocese offers free interment for cremated remains

By Patricia Kasten | The Compass (Republished with permission from The Compass) ALLOUEZ — In 2016, half of the funerals in the United States (50.1 percent) involved cremation. The number was slightly higher in the state of Wisconsin, all according to the Cremation...

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What we can learn from the pilgrims this Thanksgiving

Nearly 400 years ago, the pilgrims of Plymouth colony and the Wampanoag people shared a harvest celebration which has blossomed into today’s Thanksgiving holiday. In rural communities like Gillett thankfulness for the harvest holds deep meaning. In the Gillett...

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Legacy’s Tribute Videos Tug at the Heart

Preserving memories Legacy Funeral Chapels, of Green Bay and Gillett, pulls together these types of cherished images to create a video tribute in honor of the deceased. Legacy’s videos give viewers the opportunity to relive the moments long forgotten and reflect upon...

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The summer of something green and beautiful

Plants have the power to soften a city landscape. Something green and beautiful in the middle of the downtown gives people a natural oasis in an urban setting. The oasis created at Legacy Funeral Chapels’ Gillett facility at 108 East Main Street took shape earlier...

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Be wary of discount funeral services

My colleagues and I see a growing number of people going out of the area for discount cremation services. The problem is, people don't know what they want! They don't know the questions to ask, and they can't tell if they are being under-served because in many cases,...

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What are veterans eligible for at the time of death?

Memorial Day is set aside to honor those who passed away bravely serving their country. For those of us in the funeral business, Memorial Day comes more than once a year. At Legacy Funeral Chapels, it’s a privilege for our staff to attend to veterans and their...

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