Preserving memories

Legacy Funeral Chapels, of Green Bay and Gillett, pulls together these types of cherished images to create a video tribute in honor of the deceased. Legacy’s videos give viewers the opportunity to relive the moments long forgotten and reflect upon life’s milestones, like graduations, weddings, babies, and far-flung travels. The videos preserve the memory of the deceased and provide an opportunity for the living to reminisce and start the healing process. Videos show the smiles and laughter of life’s journey and the family and friends who journeyed with them.

Videos as conversation starters

When the videos are playing at visitations or memorial services, they become great conversation pieces. And even if people cannot attend the memorial service in person, they can still view the video on the Legacy Funeral Chapels website and leave a message for the family. Family and friends can purchase the video keepsakes by ordering online or contacting the funeral home.

Assembling photos

Once the family of the deceased gathers the pictures they want for a video, Legacy does the rest of the work. Legacy accepts photos in different formats, including original snapshots or digital images sent via email or downloaded to a thumb drive. Legacy compiles the images, placing them in the order the family chooses. Families can even add a special note to accompany individual photos.

Lasting keepsakes

The result is a high quality DVD which becomes a lasting keepsake. Families receive two complimentary copies of the DVD, with additional copies available. The videos are a terrific way to capture the highlights of a person’s life, and they provide an opportunity for viewers to share stories and remember a loved one.