When a loved one dies, grieving family members are faced with dozens of decisions that need to be made quickly after the death. In their time of need, families find comfort in the expert, compassionate care of Legacy Funeral Chapels, located on Green Bay’s west side at 838 S. Fisk Street and in downtown Gillett at 108 Main Street.

We have a lot of creative people on staff who really want to help you have a nice send-off for your loved one.

Legacy Funeral Chapels in Green Bay has built a reputation for its:

  • Tailor-made funeral experiences
  • Open, modern facility
  • Spacious on-site parking
  • Handicapped-accessible entryway and restrooms
  • Commercial kitchen and 100-seat dining room

Legacy Funeral Chapels provides seamless and meaningful service to families experiencing a death and encourages the living to plan for the inevitable.

1. Advanced Planning Is A Gift To Your Loved Ones

How do you prepare for something that happens every 12 years? That’s typically how often individuals plan a funeral after a loved one’s death.
We do it every day. We help people from all walks of life. We help to create a unique and meaningful service for them.

Preplanning allows you to:

  • Meet the funeral director and staff
  • Make our own choices regarding how you will be remembered after your death
  • Save your loved ones the stress of making decisions on-the-spot during an emotionally charged time
  • Make financial arrangements for the funeral
  • Have the peace of mind knowing your wishes will be followed at the time of death

The death of a loved one puts families under pressure. We strive to ease that pressure as we guide them through the process of funeral planning, With advance planning, the pressure is off, and there’s less burden on the family.

2. Cremation Is More Popular Than Ever, So Know Your Options

In general, there are three types of cremation:

  • Simple Cremation: Cremation of the individual and returning the cremated remains to the family. Typically, no services are held.
  • Memorial Service: The cremated remains are present at a service held at the funeral home, cemetery, church, or other gathering place. Friends and relatives have the opportunity to pay their respects.
  • Ceremonial Cremation: Comparable to a traditional funeral, this option allows for viewing of the deceased at a funeral service. The individual is cremated after the services have concluded.

We will be happy to sit down with you or counsel you over the phone to help you decide which type of cremation service is right for you. In doing so, we can give you a fairly accurate expectation of what the total cost would be.

3. Look for Ways To Personalize A Funeral Service

Those seeking a traditional funeral experience will find the funeral home to be a peaceful haven for their grieving, yet the facility also lends itself to other types of remembrance.

Families aren’t tied to traditions that have lost their meaningfulness. Instead, the funeral home is like a blank canvas which families are invited to paint.

4. Level Of Care Differs For Full Service Vs. Discount Service

While many companies claim to offer “simple” or “affordable” (fancy words for discount) services, these are generally minimal services with lots of add-ons. By the time the final bill is tallied, the family actually saved precious little money and didn’t receive the level of care that a full-service funeral director can provide.

Legacy Funeral Chapels is a full-service funeral home offering:

  • Traditional funerals
  • Memorial services
  • Graveside ceremonies
  • Military services
  • Basic and full-service cremation options
  • Grief support
  • Preplanning consultation

5. Consider How To Pay For A Funeral Before Death Occurs

Funeral practices are influenced by personal preference, cultural and religious traditions, and price. Funerals vary in expense, from the simple to the elaborate.

Common expenses include:

  • Services of a funeral director and staff
  • Transporting and sheltering the remains
  • Embalming and/or cremation
  • Casket or urn, burial vault
  • Use of a funeral home, church, or alternate venue
  • Cemetery plot, crypt, or niche
  • Cemetery marker or monument

Many families cash out their life insurance policy to cover funeral expenses, but not everyone has the wherewithal to pay for a funeral.

We serve everyone with the same amount of dignity. We’ll help determine what they can afford and give them the closure they need. We would never deny someone the right to say goodbye to a loved one, based on what they can spend.

When soliciting the services of a funeral provider, it’s important to choose someone with wisdom, compassion, and experience.

When we work with families, we feel it’s our duty to explain everything they need to know because you only get one funeral. We want them to be fully satisfied. We pride ourselves in helping families create a meaningful send-off for their loved one.

Contact us at 920-498-1118 to begin the advanced planning process or to learn more about the personalized funeral services at Legacy Funeral Chapel.