One Thing You Don’t Want to Leave To Your Kids

How do you prepare for something that happens once every 12 years? That’s typically how often you can expect to be involved in funeral arrangements for a loved one. Planning a funeral every 12 years doesn’t allow you to become familiar with the process.

“But we do it every day,” said funeral director at Legacy Funeral Chapels in Gillett and Green Bay. “We help people from all walks of life. We help to create a unique and meaningful service for them.”

People in the Gillett area can get a jump start on funeral plans by attending a FREE Advance Planning Event. At the event, you will have the opportunity to learn about different funeral and memorial options and make clear and thoughtful decisions about the type of services you want.

Preplanning a funeral allows you to:
• Make our own decisions about how you want to be remembered
• Save your loved ones the stress of making decisions on-the-spot
• Meet the funeral director at Legacy Funeral Chapels
• Make financial arrangements for the funeral
• Have the peace of mind knowing your family will be saved the burden of planning your funeral service

We see it time and time again at the funeral home: The death of a loved one puts families under pressure. We strive to ease that pressure as we guide them through the process of funeral planning, With advance planning, the pressure is off and there’s less burden on the family.

Here are a couple of key questions to ponder:

What to do you want done with the remains? Burial vs. cremation/cemetery vs. mausoleum, etc.

How you want to be honored and remembered? Type and location of funeral service, officiant,  music and readings choices, pallbearers, food options, personal memorabilia to display, etc. Attend the Advanced Planning Event to learn more.

Advanced Planning Event
Presented by a funeral planning expert
12-1 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 28
Gillett Community Center
204 E. Main St. Gillett
Free refreshments
Register in advance by calling 920-855-2144

4 entries on “One Thing You Don’t Want to Leave To Your Kids

  1. It really helped me when you said that preplanning your funeral service will allow you save your loved ones the stress of making decisions on-the-spot. This is what I’m planning to do now to give my loved ones a piece of mind, and they will no longer worry arranging the service. I will look for a company that can offer me this kind of plan.

  2. I want to make sure that I have my funeral planned out. That way I don’t have to worry about my kids taking any pressure by figuring it out themselves! I’ll be sure to start thinking about what I want to have done with the remains.

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