How Funeral Service & Small Business Go Together

Nobody provides better service to its customers than a small business. Owners of small businesses know their clients by first name and treat them like family. They provide the personalized, knowledgeable service – plus extra courtesies – to create an unbeatable consumer experience. Although you may not realize it, a funeral home is a small business. Legacy Care Partners is locally owned and operated.

  • Kuehl Funeral Home, 108 E. Main Street, Gillett, blends into its environment, yet it’s just as much a Main Street business as the hardware store, restaurant, and dental office down the block.
  • Legacy Care Partners in Green Bay, 838 S. Fisk Street, is tucked into a residential area, yet it’s an airy and modern facility with onsite banquet facilities and ample parking.

Each funeral home plays a role in the local economy.

While it’s easy to buy from or a big box store, it’s the small businesses that need your support instead. The money you spend locally at a small business stays local. For example, you pay the funeral director, who pays a family service associate, who pays a babysitter, who pays her landlord … the cycle goes on and on.

Small businesses are the heart of a community.

Small businesses are the ones who help buy jerseys for the football team and uniforms for the marching band. They sponsor Little League teams, golf outings, church calendars, and community events of all types. Only a small business will let you hold a bake sale in front of its store. Overall, small businesses help pay for things that tax dollars just don’t cover. In return, small businesses rely on the support of the community that surrounds them. To prosper and grow, small businesses need people to “buy local” and “shop small.” These aren’t just trite phrases. Instead, they’re the foundation for financial prosperity and viability for small businesses.

The residents in communities like Gillett and Green Bay care for their neighbors. They are close-knit and support one another. That support needs to extend to the business community. When it’s time to choose a funeral home for yourself or a loved one, you have everything you need with Legacy Care Partners. Personalized, dignified funeral service, convenient venues, and a compassionate staff.

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