James and staff,

My family would like to say thank you for all that you do. Legacy Chapels really understands that the days after the funeral are difficult for the family.
The holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries of your loved one come, and the grief reappears. Then you receive a Christmas angel with your loved one’s name on it from Legacy Chapels. Thank you!
A beautiful pendant of dried flowers from the memorial arrives. Legacy Chapels makes a gloomy day bright. Thank you!
I have a memory book from Legacy Chapels to fill with stories and memories to keep. Thank you!
I received an “I Believe” coin from Legacy Chapels to remind me that there is hope, and Legacy Chapels still cares. Thank you!
The funeral is to honor the deceased as the family wishes. James listened to our concerns and made it happen. Legacy Chapels’ care continues after the funeral as well. James has a great staff, too. James is a fantastic person, funeral director, and now friend. Thank you!

Pamela VanDyke